Bethany Family Institute was created:

Why the name Bethany ?

Back in the time of Jesus, Bethany was a small town just outside Jerusalem. Sometime during his travels, Jesus met a family who lived there. As far as the Bible described them, the family included two sisters and their brother: Mary, Martha and Lazarus. There may have been more in the family. We don't know.

Jesus seemed to visit them often. He stayed with them when he was near Jerusalem. With their family he experienced comfort and safety. He was kind to them and they were the same to him. He truly loved them. He experienced their hospitality and their troubles.

Sometimes Mary and Martha didn't get along. Supportive words of Jesus helped them. We most remember this family at the time Lazarus had died. We know what Jesus did for them. He gave them life as individuals and as a family. Bethany for us is a symbolic place of affirmation, support and healing. We'd like our institute to do this for families who come our way.

The Bethany Family Institute was founded by Dr David Thomas and Elizabeth Davies. Click on our names to view our resumes. 

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