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is the quarterly newsletter of the Bethany Family Institute.  

It's designed for anyone involved in family life whether personally or professionally, in the home, the parish or the diocese.  
It's a must for anyone involved in the pastoral care of the family


VOL 4 ISSUE 3: Jul 2004

Marriage—what does it mean in 2004?   
The 2003 Divorce Statistics - Don't Panic (Yet).
Dave & Liz Percival
Vision for the Future:
a report on the CTFF/FLAME conference, Northants Oct 2004 

Theology of Catholic Education:
Listening to Michael Himes
The Asian Family
Towards a Culture of Integrated Life. 8th Plenary Assembly of the FABC
Time for Parish Families: Parents Week Resource 2004
A Time for Differentiated Leaders.
Winnie Honeywell 

VOL 4 ISSUE 4/VOL 5 ISSUE 1 - Forthcoming
VOL 4 ISSUE 1: Jan 2004

Churches together: Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Year of the Family. Karen Holford
European RC Bishops act for families:
A Family-Friendly Strategy for Europe
Preparing couples in Hallam.
Martin & Angela Harpham 
People of colour, People of God :
A Declaration from CARJ
If not now then when?
Fiona Armstrong
Planning a good day.
David M. Thomas 
Why offer family retreats?
Sarah Fontana
A grandparent God.
Kathleen Chesto 

VOL 4 ISSUE 2: Mar 2004

Serving Christian Families in the Cameroon Family: an interview with Ephraim & Teresia Lukong.
Passion, Affection &
Companionship. Jonathan Sacks
Keep the Home Fires Burning. Listening 2004 in East Anglia
An unexpected gift: Listening 2004 in Liverpool
Every Child Matters.
Willie Slavin
Bidding Prayers for Passing on Faith: a Bethany resource                   
Family Ministry: the Difference it Makes.
David Thomas. 
Parenting News


VOL 3 ISSUE 3: JUL 2003

Nurturing Family-Building Church. Breige O'Hare. Diocese of Down & Connor
Involving Fathers. Breda Theakston. Diocese of Leeds
Sure Start: Common Ground for the Common Good. Willie Slavin. Howgill Family Centre, Cumbria
God’s Plan for Marriage & the Family. Laurinda Brown

VOL 3 ISSUE 4: OCT 2003

Listening to Families: Conversations on marriage & Family Life
Using a Parish Open Forum Format
Spirituality of Family Life. David Thomas
Family Fun in Menevia. Peter Macpherson.
Formation for Family Ministry: knowledge, understanding & skills.
Bethany at Three Years Old.
Elizabeth Davies & David Thomas.

VOL 3 ISSUE 1: JAN 2003

Resourcing the domestic church: equipping families for evangelisation. Elizabeth Davies
Families seeking asylum:
report of a CTFF meeting
Reading the family signs of the times.
Rituals and family resiliency
David M. Thomas.

VOL 3 ISSUE 2: APR 2003

An ear for families? Listening so that families can speak.
Elizabeth Davies
Working Paper on Family for the Synod of Chennai Province, India. Laura Shahani
Living the challenge of ecumenism: Interchurch families. Ruth Reardon. 
Supporting the Families of Forces Personnel. NACFLM
Government Policy and Family Life: A brief summery. Elizabeth Davies

VOL 2 ISSUE 3: JUL 2002

Bringing Young People and Married People Together. John Murphy, S.E.M
What Do You Do When Your Son or Daughter is Gay? Margaret Rogers, Archdiocese of Liverpool.
Finding God in the Chaos of Family Life: A Shrewsbury Diocese Workshop
Family @ Crossroads: A Dundalk conference on family


VOL 2 ISSUE 4: OCT 2002

Has the Church given up on the family? A Bethany response to the Report on Evangelisation
Evangelisation in Ordinary Families. David M. Thomas PhD.
Introducing John Anthony
Celebrating Parents' Week
Reflections on Departure.
Sr Anne Conway
Story telling: a treasure for our time. Andrew McNally, Archdiocese of Armagh

VOL 2 ISSUE 1: JAN 2002

Hearing God's Word in Family Life.  David Thomas, Bethany Family Institute
What is the Spirit Saying About Marriage Today? Anne Conway, OSU, Diocese of Leeds
Celebrating Marriage Week
Minding Our Language Jane Harris, Louth, Lincs
Bringing Hope to Married Couples. Fr Michael McGinnity, Diocese of Down & Connor 

VOL 2 ISSUE 2: APR 2002

Serving the Family in Ireland. Michael Quinn, Family Caring Trust
This Is What We Are About. Northern Conference of Diocesan FLM Co-ordinators
The Bethany Beaker Award: Michael and Terri Quinn.
Healing in Marriage: Is it Possible? Tony & Betty Dady, Catholic Centre for Healing in Marriage


VOL 1 ISSUE 3: JUL 2001

Families and God: the summary report. Elizabeth Davies & Dr David Thomas, Bethany Family Institute.
Act of faith: marriage with a non-believer. Anita Dowsing
Celebrating holydays. Peter Kahn
INTAMS: what's it all about ?  Annette Barker
Too familiar ? David Mackey

VOL 1 ISSUE 4: OCT 2001

Enduring Truths; Changing Realities    Elizabeth Davies, Bethany Family Institute
What Am I Doing Here?
Andrew McNally, Archdiocese of Armagh
The One Thing That Matters.
Fr Donal Lucey, Diocese of Leeds


VOL 1 ISSUE 1: JAN 2001

Family: the prophetic vision of John Paul II David M. Thomas, Ph.D. 
Is there truly faith in the family?
Lisette Blanchet Ball 
How we helped young couples in Hertfordshire.
Patrick & Pauline Haynes, 
Have you ever started something huge on a pure whim ? 
Elaine Gibbs, Arundel & Brighton Family Ministry
Can a new mother still pray while changing a nappy ? 
Alison Bath, 
Do you have a vocation for doing laundry ? 
Gregory F. Augustine Pierce. 

VOL 1 ISSUE 2: APR 2001

Family: the prophetic vision of John Paul II — part 2.
   Dr David Thomas, Ph.D. Bethany Family Institute
Equipping pastoral leaders to care for family life.
    Fr Chris Fallon, Ushaw College, Durham
Mentoring Mothers: What does Elizabeth Ministry have to offer ?
Jeannie Hanneman, Wisconsin
Going it alone ? Single faith-parenting. Elizabeth Davies, Bethany Family Institute
Praying with children: what about toddlers?  Alison Bath, Todmorden, Lancs

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