Bulletin Bullet Points

What do we mean by bulletin bullet points ? Well they are a way of raising awareness of family issues: concerns, good news, church teaching etc. The idea is to create a more informed perspective of family life - in those bite sized pieces that our politicians are so fond of. Use them in your parish bulletin or school newsletter to make a point or simply to provoke some thoughts.  We'll be adding new ones regularly so keep checking in - and let us know if you have some good ones. See also the Charter of the Rights of the Family for more bullet points - do you know what the Church proclaims as your family's rights?

"The Christian family is so important and its role so basic in transforming the world and in building up the kingdom of God, that the Council called it a 'domestic church' (Lumen Gentium, 11). Let us never grow tired of proclaiming the family as a community of love"
Pope John Paul 1 (21.9.1978)
"Another task for the family is to form persons in love and also to practise love in all its relationships, so that it does not live closed in on itself, but remains open to the community, moved by a sense of justice and concern for others, as as well as by a consciousness of its responsibility towards the whole of society" Pope John Paul II (Familiaris Consortio 64) The parents role “as educators is so decisive that scarcely anything can compensate for their failure in it….The right and duty of parents to give education…is irreplaceable and inalienable, and therefore incapable of being entirely delegated to others” 
Pope John Paul II (Familiaris Consortio 36)

"It is a pity that most pastoral and professional attention is directed towards marriages in crisis. If we are concerned exclusively with the care of the sick, we may ignore the needs of the healthy and that is the surest way to swell the ranks of the sick"

Cardinal Basil Hume (in) To Be a Pilgrim 1984

"Marriage partakes of the mystery of the Church and will continually yield up new treasures"

The Easter People, 1980

"An enriched theology of marriage will have to take into account the growth of human relationships, the need for true communication within marriage and the understanding of sexual intercourse both as a life-giving act and as a communication of love and self to one's partner."

The Easter People, 1980

"We ask parish clergy to work out with their lay people how to give continuing and effective support to families and how to meet the needs of families at every stage of their growth."

The Easter People 1980

"Let us do everything we can for the Christian family so that our people may fulfil their great vocation in Christian joy and share intimately and effectively in the Church's mission - Christ's mission - of salvation"

John Paul I (21.9.1978)

"Every effort should be made to strengthen and develop pastoral care for the family, which should be treated as a real matter of priority, in the certainty that future evangelisation depends largely on the domestic church"

John Paul II (Familiaris Consortio)

"All of us need to put marriage and family life at the centre of our concerns and do all we can to promote them"

Cardinal Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor

 "We need to support and sustain families at every stage of their development"

Cardinal Basil Hume



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